Our tailored shirts are made from the finest Egyptian and Italian cottons, and our large fabric collection allows you to design something that suits your personal style. Find a wide selection of custom tailor made men's shirt online in different styles of collars and cutting: Traditional collar, Cut Away collar, and Buttoned down collar via PierreBoutique.com. We stock a fantastic range of affordable men's shirt available online with a variety of styles and colors. Create your men's shirt online now with only 6 easy steps at PierreBoutique.com | Bangkok.   Shirt $85

 White Collar and Cuff   Same Collar and Cuff

2.75Long, 1.75High

3Long, 1.75High

 3-Semi Spread
2.875Long, 1.75High

3.25Long, 1.75High

 5-Tab Collar
2.75Long, 1.75high

 6-Eyelet Collar
2.75Long, 1.75High

 7-Hidden Button
3Long, 1.75High

 8-Button Down
3.125Long, 1.75High

 9-Italian Spread
3.125Long, 1.75High

 10-British Spread
3Long, 1.75High

 11-2 Button Collar Band
3.125Long, 1.75High

 12-Wing Tip
2.5Long, 1.75High

Collar Point Length  

Collar Back Height 

 Classic Stitching 1/4 away from the edge
 Contemporary Edge Stitching

 1 Button
 1 Button Rounded
 1 Button notched
 2 Button
 2 Button Rounded
 2 Button notched
 French Rounded
 French Contoured

 Cuffed and V Cut
Short Sleeves

 Cuffed Short Sleeves

 Plain Short Sleeves

 No Pocket   1 Pocket   2 Pockets 

 Classic Pocket

 Regular Pocket with
Flap and Button

 Rounded Pocket

 Placket Fly Front
Hidden Buttons

 Placket Front

 Plain Fly Front
Hidden Buttons

 Plain Front

 Box Pleat in Back

 Inverted Pleat in Back

 Plain Back

 Side Pleats in Back

Style Summary

Collars :  
Collar and Cuff Stitch :  
Sleeves Styles :  
Pocket Styles :  
Body Front Styles :  
Body Back Styles :  

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